Hi, My name is Sandra E Ball and I am on the most amazing journey into the World of Art.
I have always been interested in drawing, doodling and trying to paint from an early age. However, it was not until rehabilitation from a rare form of brain tumour that I was invited along to a local Art Club by my friend, Celia, that I discovered I was able to make sense of my drawing and paintings. Starting out in watercolour, I have tried most other mediums too, some with little success. However, I continue to learn all I can from the process, and study for myself, from other, more advanced artists who inspire me including many of the Old Masters. Art and the journey undertaken has become an essential part of who I am now, so much so that if I spend too long without a pencil or brush in my hand I have withdrawal symptoms and become a very unhappy bunny!

This website is a follow on and natural progression from the last few years of having an art page on Facebook. Please note, I am no longer engaged in Facebook. I hope you enjoy what you see here and I can continue to encourage and inspire more people to get on board this amazing journey for themselves. Art is indeed healing, a happy pursuit in life, all thanks to the Master Artist, Our Awesome Creator God. Without Him, I can do nothing, so all the glory goes to Him for the remarkable way in which he channels this exciting life.

I would love for the Lord to say at the end of this journey, 'Well done, Good and Faithful Servant'. This is my prayer. Amen.

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