Here you can find out the latest news along this journey into the wonderful world of art. Please note I am no longer on Face Book, I do appreciate all the loyal followers of Face Book who continue to take time to keep in touch here. Everyone along this journey is very much loved and appreciated, so thank you for visiting here regularly to see the latest happenings in this exciting life. I pray you will be inspired too. Happy painting! Blessings always, Sandra.

Please scroll through to see the articles in date order from latest to oldest. Thank you.

GOOD NEWS continued....


‘The Flight’ is a coloured pencil entry. The 2nd painting for ALIM 2022 which is now sold, so I can reveal. Please see previous News Article for more information.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience, interest and support. You are all appreciated for taking precious time to keep checking out the website. God bless you, Sandra.



I am really happy, the donation entered for A Letter in Mind 2022, ‘A Sense of Movement’ in aid of the National Brain Appeal has been sold. I can now reveal the two envelopes submitted:

‘Coming or Going’ is a watercolour that was a little tricky to paint on an envelope having to be wary of using too much water in the application.

I omitted to enter ALIM 2023 however, the opportunity to enter ALIM 2024 is still open as this is the special 40th Anniversary of the Charity. I may just go for it, God willing. It will be my 2nd time of being able to exhibit in the capital city, London.

‘The Flight’ is a coloured pencil entry and can be seen following this article.

Both paintings and reference photos © Sandra E Ball
A gentle reminder - Please, always seek an artist’s permission before using any reference which does not belong to you, even when only wanting to use a small part to add your own marks. It is not polite to use work belonging to someone else to claim as yours.

The Art World is missing a Legend


It is true that as we grow older, more and more of us hear of the passing of friends and family dear to us, so we attend more funerals than weddings. Sometimes, our friends and family are taken it seems, in the twinkling of an eye, into eternity. Presently, we are missing special friends who have impacted our lives for good.

International Watercolourist and legend, Mr Robert Wade (94yrs) is one such person. We send our sincere condolences to his family and can celebrate his life, the legacy he is leaving behind for all the art world to treasure. Sadly, I have only just discovered this news within the latest edition of the Art of Watercolour magazine.

If you have read the history section of this website, you will discover how I first met Bob in one of his books, Watercolour Workshop Handbook, before befriending him when he joined Facebook. He was a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute. (

Please note, Sandra E Ball art is no longer on Facebook. Thank you.

Springtime is here!


It is beautiful to see all the New Life everywhere, especially, when we see a warm sunny day to savour and enjoy. Gardening is one of my passions, along with drawing and painting. I do hope to show you more new florals soonest, meanwhile, within the Earliest Work gallery, some older works can be found.

There are over 100 works on the website which I hope will inspire and encourage those who love art, whether artists, or not.

The latest work, the Self Portrait, is one of few Coloured Pencil works that I have attempted. A real challenge and struggle at times, it was painted over several days and several hours. The drawing out was freehand and could have been made much easier had I traced it and painted in monochrome. You can see it in more detail within the Latest Work Gallery, before it is later moved into the Portrait Gallery.

Thank you for taking time to peruse the website. I appreciate your kindness and support. Blessings always, Sandra

Penultimate Drawing Module with Draw Awesome


My, how time flies, as I now find myself almost at the end of a year's drawing course with Phil and Bob Davies, of Draw Awesome.

Here is the initial outline of the 'Young Boy in Graphite' - the completed work is in the Gallery section.

I am loving this course, especially this Penultimate Module, all about Portraits.

To be able to master portraiture would be great, so I feel this is a good place to be learning. May those of you on your own creative journey have many fun days ahead too.

Happy Painting Everyone!

Neither Winter or Spring?


The above, is a quote I read last week in a gardening article of a newspaper. It certainly applies to the North West of England from where I write.

Seeing a few sunny days, recently, is always a joy to behold as it holds the promise of the new life to come within our gardens. Shortly, I hope to add some more florals/gardens paintings. Meantime, please take a look at some of the Earlier Work in the Gallery.

I have unfinished work on the easel, watercolours progressing, and almost nearing the end of a year's drawing course, so new updates will be available soonest.

Happy painting everyone, enjoy. Thank you for your support. Please remember you can always use the contact button/section to keep in touch. Thank you.

The best is yet to come! Be blessed, Sandra.

Happy New Year 2024!



May Christ’s love, joy and peace permeate our hearts and minds this New Year, to see beauty in the world around us.

May we concentrate on the good and not the bad, be kind to one another, giving help and inspiration to all who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Let’s play the glad game throughout this New Year, always giving thanks to God for all He has done, is doing, and will do in us, as we seek to do His will. Amen.

Be blessed always, thank you for taking precious time to browse the website.

Love and prayers, from both David and Sandra

'Hands Studies' with Phil Davies of Draw Awesome


As mentioned earlier, the learning process continues with my drawing studies.

November has been coloured pencil work month and I thought I would share just one of the studies I have been doing with Phil Davies of Draw Awesome. ‘Hands’.

Time marches on, hope to post more of my own artwork soonest. Meanwhile, for those in the grip of winter, stay warm. I’m glad the lighter nights and warmer days are not too far away.

Happy painting, be safe. Sandra

The Latest!


Have you seen the latest portraits for October and November Still Life?

As I continue to learn I do trust the paintings seen here are an inspiration to you all.

Thank you for taking time to look at the website. Please remember that a 'double click' on the image reveals more information.

Thanks again,
Blessings always, Sandra

I am Back!


After lots going on in life and wrestling with various schedules, the past few months seem to have disappeared into oblivion. Happily, I am once again in a good place, able to update and post new work and complete some unfinished art work that awaits attention. The days are just packed!

I continue to study, in various areas, and organise my work place with the ultimate aim of my very own dedicated art studio/space instead of juggling between the kitchen table, dining room, and office desk.

The back garden, as most are aware, is my oasis place, presently full of plants in pots, some of which are waiting to be re-planted into the front garden. Sadly, we discovered a broken drainage pipe underground which resulted in the front being dug up. Presently, it is undergoing some hard landscaping with the borders awaiting my re-design. We do hope the completion of the hard landscaping is imminent as the weather deteriorates at a pace.

It seems apt that my latest work is the portrait of David as he is doing so well following a heart procedure a few months ago. For those who are not aware, art is certainly a stress buster, so therapeutic and the creativity involved is a constant reminder of the Master Artist, our Creator God, and Saviour, Jesus.

Have a blessed season everyone, Autumn is here in the UK, with the colours it brings slowly appearing everywhere. It is a very colourful world, praise the Lord!
Thanks for reading and visiting the site, Sandra.

Summer News – and another surprise for Sandra.


Busy, busy times and the summer is flying by. Although there has been a lack of updates on the website of late, lots has been happening both in the home & garden, church and life in general. Exciting times indeed. Sandra continues her learning process with many opportunities instore to keep her busy.

After giving several of her paintings to friends, family and others, she is overjoyed to receive an original painting from Professional Artist, Geoff Kersey after only being a full member of his online watercolour tutorials a month. What a surprise to receive his painting, ‘The Old Boatyard, Lindisfarne’ which is the first time of being on the receiving end; the first time an artist has blessed her this way.

Both the Draw Paint Academy and Draw Awesome continue to keep her motivated and learning, so much so that this year her attendance at her local Art Society has taken somewhat of a back seat. What lovely welcomes she receives every time she does manage to turn up at Lytham and St Annes Art Society.

Meanwhile, Sandra has a painting montage on the go from her visit to the local classic car show, back in May. Hopefully, this will be posted soonest as it slowly comes near to completion.

Thank you for your faithfulness in support of this website. Happy painting everyone as you travel on your own wonderful journey into the world of art!

A good start to June 2023


Happy to report that I am back doing what I love to do, painting and drawing. Please check out the galleries for all the latest additions which, hopefully, will inspire and encourage you all in your creativity. Thank you to all my fellow artists who continue to inspire and encourage me, you can read about them in the A-Z of the history section and more.

I will make it a goal to update the list. Thank you. Have a great season where ever you are. We are blessed, in love and prayer, Sandra

Fresh off the easel - an experiment


I have been extremely busy since I last posted, so apologies to faithful friends who have not seen anything new in a while. Please check out Landscapes Section in the Gallery where you will see more info within the post. I enjoyed having fun experimenting from start to finish. Using only two colours, I did wonder at one stage whether to add a third accent colour, I also toyed with the idea of adding my favourite brand of paints, Daniel Smith pigments, to the mix. In the end I stayed with this simple idea.

I am happy to say that although I have recently been painting (decorating of the home kind) I have also been practising my drawing skills some more. I hope to post one of my pencil challenges soonest.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out the website. Blessings always, Sandra

Here's The Latest for March


Wow! It is a busy time as I continue to learn. At present, I am mainly finding time to draw with painting being the decorative kind in the home/garden.

Here is a drawing of our number one son, Keith. It measures 10" x 8" (A4) and is portrayed with watersoluble pencils and a waterbrush which makes fun.He was very tired at the time having met us straight from a long shift at work. I trust you are able to sense this in the portrait.

Hopefully, I will make a painting having already made a practice piece experimenting with different techniques, colours etc.

Meanwhile, please stay in touch as I will endeavour to update the gallery to make it interesting, as often as is possible, during the process of homemaking.

Thank You All. Blessings always, Sandra

What happened to my donated paintings for the '2022 A Letter in MInd - A sense of Movement'?


The above question was asked of me recently. I realised the link given to the National Brain Appeal in the links section doesn't take one directly to the online gallery page. So here it is for you below, to guess which are my two anonymously donated paintings. I can tell you one is in coloured pencil the other is a watercolour. There is still time to browse and buy from the online gallery and in doing so help the National Brain Appeal in their essential work.
.["" ]

I would love to be able to show you the two envelopes painted, however, until they are sold, I am not allowed to reveal them. Perhaps you will discover which they are amongst all the beautiful entries still available.

A New Year - so full of new challenges and adventures!


As February draws to a close so does the busy winter challenges. We begin to look forward again as New Life is all around, first the snow drops, crocus, and primroses, and now welcoming daffodils too. I was given a challenge by a good friend and member of the Hilliard Miniature Society, Christina Hopkinson, to try my hand at painting miniatures. Here is my first attempt, I'm thinking not quite up the standard of the Society and the frames are not the best quality expected either. They measure 31/2" x 5" as seen. I quite enjoyed painting them, alternating between them, so they were completed at the same time.

However, I do prefer them before I cropped them from a little larger size 5" x 5" and 41/2" x 41/2" respectively. They can been seen in the gallery section. It was worth trying to see whether or not I would be happy to enter them into the Hilliard Society, (another good learning exercise), nevertheless, miniatures are not something I am going to pursue further.

What do you all think? Please contact me and let me know. Thank you so much, I love to hear from you. Blessings, Sandra.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year 2023 everyone. May you all have a very creative year in good health, joy, and prosperity.
3 John 2 NKJV

Here is just one of the paintings I have been working on recently, a practice piece which is still a work a progress. Inspired by a visit to London last year, it is a nocturnal of one of the city stores.

It is also my first time in trying out the water soluble oil paints from Daniel Smith Paints. A very limited supply, with primaries red, blue, yellow plus a white and a black, not quite the Zorn palette. I have used a small canvas board here measuring 7" x 9"

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Using my latest landscape painting, inspired by Geoff Kersey, to send you Christmas greetings. Please check it out further in the landscape section of the gallery.

Thanking my Saviour God for you all, your faithful support and encouragement since I started out on this wonderful journey is such a blessing.

I look forward to hearing from you via the contact section where I can send personal replies via email.

The best is yet to come! Blessings to you all, thanks again, Sandra xxx

Amusing Caricature of me by Chris Knapman - Another first!


It was lovely to meet Entertainer and Artist, Chris Knapman, and to be one of the sitters for our final demonstration of the year from Lytham St Annes Art Society. It was good too that my beloved, David, also came to this event as he loves the art of caricature and is interested in seeing the procedure.

Chris made it a fun and very interesting afternoon as he gave his back story. The coastal town of Blackpool is renowned for entertainment and fun, so it is rather fitting that local man, Chris was invited.

I loved watching him at work and how he gave me a twinkle in my eye and great smile. He is very kind to the ladies he portrays whereas he takes more risks with men!

Anyways, thought it may cause you to smile along with me. I told him afterwards that I would have been happy for him to exaggerate the height of my forehead as the specialist surgeon, Dr W S Hussain, (who gave me a new cancer free nose) had earlier remarked on its narrowness ‘It is what it is’ a saying repeated by Chris during his talk.

I hope you make time to check out his website

Oil Portrait in Progress


Here is my ongoing portrait of my late mum before she became frail and went onto glory. It is painted with normal oil paints; however, I can hardly wait to try out my new water-soluble oils with Daniel Smith pigments.

November has been another busy month with travels both North and South in the UK, so I think I have done okay to return to this portrait once again. It is quite a learning process as I experiment and play with it.

Facebook Art Page Closed!


As from today, the Facebook Art Page is closed. Apologies to all who miss it, Meta have made it painfully difficult to use.

Thank you again to all the faithful friends/followers. I trust you will be happy to keep seeing me here instead.

Counting my Blessings


In this season of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for two lots of good news sent to me within days. Namely, acceptance of both of my anonymous paintings to the National Brain Appeal Fundraiser, ‘A Letter in Mind’ 2022 with the theme ‘A Sense of Movement’. One of my paintings will be on show for a few days at Gallery Different in London, and both will be appearing online ‘for sale’ from early November onwards, for the charity which helps many people with various illnesses related to the brain.
Link .

The latest, today, is news that all three paintings have once again been accepted by The International Brain Tumour Trust online exhibition, ‘Brilliance’ which opens at the end of October. It is the 2nd year of ‘Brilliance’ which showcases some of the IBTA family creatives to bring awareness of this wonderful charity.

Wow, talk about counting our blessings, thank you Jesus. The best is yet to come!

Latest News 20th September 2022


Although it appears I have not been painting recently, I have been working on two entries for the National Brain Appeal 2022, ‘A Letter in Mind – A Sense of Movement’

All entries are anonymous until the end of exhibition when the names of the artists are revealed. Although in its 9th year, this was the first time I discovered the opportunity to participate in this exhibition and fundraiser for the National Brain Appeal.

For more details, please email: or see the website link on the links page. Thank you.

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2022.

The Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition 2022


We visited Grasmere in Cumbria yesterday, an outing kindly arranged by Lytham and St Anne's Art Society
(of which I belong).

It was a lovely dry, sunny afternoon after the morning clouds in a beautiful village set within the Lakes National Park

The Lake Artists all professional artists with high standards exhibited a very impressive mix of all media, including sculptures.

It was also good to see many visitors enjoying the exhibition and the many paintings sold.

An Art Exhibition that it worth seeing again next year, please add it to your calendar/diaries.

'Art is a Holy Endeavour when done from the Heart' Mr Dan Smith


The above quote was just one of the many inspirational sayings given recently by Mr Dan Smith, Founder of Daniel Smith Paints.

I was so blessed this last week to watch a video of how Daniel Smith Paints came to be with founder Mr Dan Smith and Mr John Cogley who is now the owner and CEO.

Please check out the links section to see the live video recording if you missed it. It is a real gem for ALL creatives!

July 23rd My Birthday Week Comes to A Close


What a super exciting and adventurous week this has been. One of the highlights was a day spent at where we met Mr Adebanji Alade, the Addictive Sketcher in person. It was a first for me, to sit for him, as he did a quick pencil sketch of me (on toned paper) complete with hat. I never knew it was so difficult to sit for a live portrait.
Thankfully, Adebanji was so kind and didn’t make me hold my smile for too long, only short bursts. It was such a fun experience and sparked my imagination. On top of this he sang Happy Birthday with his wonderful voice that many joined in too flocking to the marquee to see what was happening.
Thank you, Adebanji for a memorable day, my beloved husband, David, for taking me, and of course, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus, for giving such a divine surprise.

Have you seen the latest paintings for June?


If you've not seen the latest paintings for June, please check out, 'A local Beauty Spot' and 'Clematis' both watercolours.

Before July is out, I hope to post my latest oil painting - a portrait, so stay tuned! Enjoy the beautiful month of July wherever you are, blessings to you all. Stay well, I appreciate your support.

Love and hugs to all my friends on here too, Sandra xoxox

International Watercolour Masters Exhibition 2022


Not long home from IWM 2022 Exhibition which was an excellent show. I do hope you managed to see it for yourself, if not, maybe next time?
It was a joy to meet some of the artists represented (from around the globe) and soak in the whole experience. Sadly, because of the pandemic there were some artists missing, and yet, it was lovely that they were still able to send their work for everyone to see. What a treat to be able to see the paintings, 'in the flesh' so to speak, as they are so much better than photographs, indeed photographs just don't do justice to the art work. I posted some of my favourite portraits on Facebook, if you care to look there, as that is a genre I would really love to master. Portraits are so special, in that, every single person matters to the Lord God, and we are all unique works in progress. I must mention Mary Whyte, her portrait of a girl holding a cat was quite evocative and full of emotion. I love her 'We the People' Veterans Exhibition as seen on the internet.
Again, a big thank you to the organiser, David Poxon and all his artists who teamed up to help celebrate this wonderful media called, 'Art'. Watercolour is so special and every different artist has their own techniques and skills - so amazing to see. I am so thankful that my husband and I were able to spend a day at the show, any longer and it would have been far too over whelming for me.

Latest Watercolour for May - Not quite as envisioned!


Sometimes when painting we don't quite manage to produce that which was in our mind. Here is one recent example. 'Contemplation' Memories of Loch Lomond watercolour.
It is approximately 14" x 21" It was all practice and does bring back a lovely memory for me of visiting Loch Lomond for the first time. Whilst in Scotland, in late March '22, we were attending a wedding of beautiful friends when it was suggested we visit the Loch before returning to England. We were not disappointed by the lovely day.

Latest Painting for April 2022


This month has been a really busy time, and whilst I have enjoyed gardening etc. my painting time has needed to be reduced. Life does have a habit of getting in the way sometimes! However, I'm so pleased to present this Red Panda Cub, seen our our local zoo. It was born in September 2021 along with another, and I have painted it from a reference photograph I captured in October 2021. Thank you for looking. I have been out and about collecting more references, so please watch this space for more.....

'The Consequences of the Pandemic' - Lots of Freebies!!!


Everyone has been/and is still affected by the events of the last two years not least some of my professional artist friends. Sadly, some artists have passed and art establishments have ceased to exist. One such is Art Tutor, after 10 years of having an online platform with various artists who teach their skills. The good news is that one of the founders, Phil Davies, has created a new exciting online teaching program in its place, Art Tutor is now rebranded as Draw Awesome with free tutorials shown on the You Tube channel.

Creatives everywhere have been making online teaching programs in You Tube and being so generous to provide them from free for anyone who is willing to learn. This makes art a very inclusive occupation and one I am pleased to be able to participate in. Of course, I do support the artists concerned, where possible, by buying their books, courses, or workshops. And going to see their amazing works, thoroughly recommended.

I could provide a long list of generous professionals; however, it will be more fun for everyone to find them as they search. This website does give some of my favourites within its pages.

Galleries Update plus New Link too


More Images to see! Lots of information under various headings for your perusal. Hello art lovers, I hope you are enjoying a visit to the website. If it is a while since you have checked it out you will find more images in each of the gallery sections. There is also a new link for you to check out. I trust the new images will give a better idea as to the various media used this far, not only watercolours.

A Sign of the Times?


The January exhibition at Garstang Art Centre was very interesting this year. There were 77 varied paintings on show to suit many viewers, and yet not one painting was sold. I'm not sure whether it is the time of year, being just after the Christmas period, the fact that the gallery is only open for showing three times a week, or a north/south divide. Apparently, this happened the previous year too. Nevertheless, it was still good to be able to show my work where not seen previously.

Latest Watercolour Painting


'A Summer's Day' watercolour 12" x 18" Here is the latest painting as we look forward to the warmer days to come. A lovely memory of a day out last year exploring the nearby countryside. We walked across a public footpath and bridge to arrive at this scene. I wonder who lives in a house like the one in the background? The challenge here was working on rough paper which I've not used in a while, also the various greens and river reflections which make up the scene. Thank you for looking.

Latest Work


The latest of four paintings for January 2022. Please feel free to check out the others in the various galleries. Really lost myself in this illustrative painting, the time just flew by. I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more. Thank you :)

Happy New Year 2022!


The latest happenings, Garstang and District Open Art Competition/Exhibition 2022 After an absence of showing my work, I am taking two Acrylic Paintings to Garstang and District Open Art Competition/Exhibition, Lancashire, this weekend.
Please watch this space to see the outcome. Here is one of the paintings, 'Call Me Old Fashioned'. 12" x 10" on Canvas Board.
Update: Sadly, neither of my paintings were awarded, however, they are priced to sell. We will see what happens.
The exhibition is open, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please see link for times. It closes at the end of Thursday 10th, February.

Latest Work - Oil Portrait in Progress!


Here's Mum's Portrait in Oils with the first layer of colour. I am not know for showing works in progress. However, I have already found that working with Oil paints can be a much longer process, than say watercolours, so here is an insight in anticipation of what the New Year brings. It is exciting as I am pretty new to Oils and the underpainting method as used by Mazart Studio and many of the Old Masters. The best part about oils is the ability to change things and this painting will certainly see some changes as it moves forward. This is a reminder to me of my Mum before she became frail and left this earth several years ago. I am so thankful she turned to her Saviour, Jesus, before it was too late. The painting is 18" x 12" on cotton canvas.

International Watercolour Masters 2022 - A date for your calendar.

05/11/2021 I am privileged to have been a founding member of the group, Watercolour Alliance, (on Facebook), which is a part of the IWM to bring both watercolour artists and the joy of watercolour to the wider community by introducing many International Watercolour Masters. It is the brainchild of David Poxon RI who I have been honoured to meet, attend one of his workshops, and whom I consider my friend. The very first IWM Exhibition was held in 2018 where I met David and his team for the first time. The 2022 is so much bigger with many more artists to see and meet, so promises to be an event all art lovers would not want to miss.



Chosen for IBTA 'Brilliance' online Art Exhibition Sandra is so pleased to announce that all three entries into the International Brain Tumour Alliance Global Awareness Week have been accepted. The catalogue of entries will be shown, online, this Thursday November 4th 2021 as part of the Brain Tumour Awareness activities and permanently available to view. This is another milestone in this wonderful art journey. You can also check out the entries as you look through the carousel above.

'Long Days' portrait of Dr Hussain

'Yonder' Talla Water in the Scottish Borders

'A Favourite at the Zoo' Magellenic Penguin

Thank you.

Latest work from my first Oil Painting workshop, a 5 day Portrait Course
at MazArt Studio


Here is a photograph of the last day of the course, the result of a very intense week.
I think you can see how exhausted I am.

On the final day I decided to work only on the man, and so the little girl has one colour layer.
I rather like the painterly look as it is and am happy that it says what I want it to say.
Both paintings could be finished with many more layers of paint, however, the signature, varnish and framing will no doubt enhance the look and please the viewer.

The week just flew by!

Please watch this space for the latest in this journey into the Wonderful World of Art


Up and Coming


Please watch this space to see more examples of Sandra's artwork in different mediums. After starting out this journey with watercolours, (postcard size) Sandra moved onto some drawing lessons, then working with Pastels, Acrylics, and a short time in Oil paintings. Learning Ceramics was a part of an Art for Health course too, at the local library, before returning to concentrating mostly in watercolours for the last few years. Sandra is now at the stage of reviewing her art journey and having her first lesson with oil painting - an upcoming 5 day course of Portrait Painting in Oils.